A Comprehensive Guide to Options Trading Strategies: Calls, Puts, and Selling Options


Options trading provides an excellent way for investors to leverage their investments and capitalize on market movements. By using call and put options, traders can enhance their potential returns. In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of calls and puts and explore different strategies, including buying and selling options.

Basic Concepts of Options Trading

Calls and Puts:

  • Call Option: Grants the holder the right to buy a stock at a specific price within a set time period.
  • Put Option: Allows the holder to sell a stock at a specific price within a specified timeframe.

Leverage and Returns:

  • Options amplify the underlying asset’s value, enabling returns that can be significantly greater than those of the original stock.
  • Even minor price movements in the underlying asset can lead to substantial profits.

Implied Volatility:

  • Implied volatility is a crucial factor that affects option premiums.
  • Higher volatility typically results in higher option premiums, reflecting the increased risk.

Buying Call and Put Options

Long Call and Long Put:

  • Long Call Position: Buying a call option in anticipation of an increase in the stock price.
  • Long Put Position: Buying a put option expecting a decline in the stock price.

Speculation and Hedging:

  • Speculation: Traders buy options expecting the underlying asset’s price to move in their favor.
  • Hedging: Traders use protective puts (synthetic long calls) and protective calls (synthetic long puts) to safeguard their positions.

Example of Buying Calls:

  • A stock priced at $50 has a call option with a strike price of $50 and costs $4.
  • An investor buys the call option for $400 (since one option contract equals 100 shares).
  • If the stock price rises to $60, the investor’s net profit will be $600:
    • ($10 price increase * 100 shares) – $400 option cost.

Selling Call and Put Options

Covered vs. Uncovered (Naked) Options:

  • Covered Options: The seller owns the underlying stock, reducing risk.
  • Uncovered (Naked) Options: The seller does not own the underlying stock, increasing risk.

Selling Call Options:

  • Covered Calls: Involves holding a long position in the stock and selling call options.
    • Best for flat or mildly bearish expectations.
  • Uncovered Calls: A high-risk strategy where the seller has no position in the underlying stock.
    • Suitable only for highly bearish expectations.

Selling Put Options:

  • Covered Puts: Rarely used due to its similarities with naked calls and higher commission costs.
  • Uncovered (Naked) Puts: Suitable for highly bullish expectations or for investors aiming to buy the stock at a lower price.

Example of Selling Puts:

  • A stock is trading at $100, and an investor sells a 90-strike price put for $2.
  • If the stock remains above $90, the investor keeps the $2 premium.
  • If the stock trades below $90, the investor must buy the stock at the 90-strike price.

Why Option Selling Outperforms Option Buying: Statistically, options sellers have a higher probability of success compared to options buyers because they earn the premium upfront and capitalize on the time decay (theta) of options. As the expiration date approaches, the value of the option (premium) diminishes if the underlying asset doesn’t move significantly, allowing the seller to profit as long as the option expires worthless. Additionally, most options expire out of the money, meaning buyers lose their premium while sellers keep their profits.


Options trading offers a broad spectrum of strategies, from straightforward buying to more complex selling techniques. Understanding the different strategies and scenarios helps traders make informed decisions and maximize their returns. Learn more about options trading at PeakBot and sign up for our free class.

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