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You choose the stocks, PeakBot trades them on your behalf based on professionally-crafted, automated strategies.

Making Wall Street-grade automation tools for the .

"PeakBot is an incredible platform. It takes the guess work out of buying and selling stocks. I've been a lot more cool, calm and collected after using this technology. Investing and trading has never been easier. I'm super thankful and spoiled to have this platform for my use"

Brandon G.
"PeakBot makes stock trading easy! If I am not sure which stocks to add to my account, I love using their expertly-compiled watchlist which is geared towards my investment strategy. Getting the bots up-and-running has been incredibly simple, despite not having any sort of automated trading experience. The best part is getting TD Ameritrade account notifications while I'm working. It's so cool seeing your bots and money hard at work!"
Caitlyn C.
"I am more than thrilled to be one of the first people in the world to use this amazing service! I have been trading stocks since the 90s when I had time to watch the screen. Now PeakBot gives me the ability to set it and forget it and grow my portfolio while I work. This has allowed me to spread the risk and enter multiple sectors at a time without worry. PeakBot is a truly amazing service"
Matt F.

"Coming from someone who is always on the run, if it wasn't for PeakBot, I wouldn't be trading. The team behind the tool is passionate. They made it simple for people who have little experience and knowledge in the market. I'm trading stress free knowing the bots are doing all the work."

Stephanie H.

"About 4 weeks ago I had seen a video testimonial for PeakBot from Ken Suna, a fellow investor that I have a lot of respect for so I thought I'd give it a shot while on vacation. There isn't great reception in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan so I set it up to swing trade a couple stocks while I was away. In one of the WORST weeks the S&P has had since June of this year, PeakBot managed to make 8 trades on my two stocks and only lost a very small percentage compared to the SPY losing almost 5%!! In my opinion, that's a HUGE win!"

Josh B.
"When they say hands-free trading, they truly mean it! I have no time for trading during work hours and with a quick set up, a stock trading algorithm does it for me. Easy to use, great customer support, and a company that is ahead of their time. PeakBot is absolutely a tool needed by any daily trader."
Peter B.

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