Before you get started

Below are bits of information that you need to know before using PeakBot.

Golden Rule: Diversify!


Diversification is the practice of trading many stocks, instead of only a few, so that your overall risk is limited. The more stocks you automate, the lower your risk. In other words, trade as many stocks as you can.


You can only budget a certain amount of dollars per stock (determined by tier).

If a stock’s price exceeds your budget limit, PeakBot will not trade that stock.


Margin must be ENABLED within your brokerage account ($2,000 min.)

Our bots are designed to work best with accounts over $2,500.

Pattern Day Trading

You are allowed no more than 3 day trades within 5 trading days..

Your brokerage will suspend you from trading for 90 days for breaking this rule.

Existing Investments

If you activate a bot on a stock that you currently own, the bot will sell ALL shares of that stock, based on its algorithm, before entering a new position.

2 Bots 1 Stock

Do not run two different bots on one stock at one time.

The algorithms will interfere with each other and not function as intended.

Stop Bot

If you 'remove' a bot while holding a position, PeakBot will not sell out of that position. To sell out of that position, you must do so manually from your brokerage account.