Welcome to PeakBot Beta

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PeakBot Beta is LIVE!

We have developed stock trading algorithms to level the playing field between the tools the average person like you and I get to use and the tools hedge funds on Wall Street use.

We need your help to make this product accessible, affordable, and the best it can absolutely be for EVERYONE! 

We will stop accepting beta applications for this wave of testing in:
We are not currently accepting beta sign ups. Please check back in a few days to see if another beta window has opened.

Please note, PeakBot integrates with TD Ameritrade. You must have a TD Ameritrade account to use PeakBot

What to expect

algorithmic trading bot

Trade for 6 weeks with free algorithms (bots)

Automate your trading using select bots that we've developed with you in mind! Receive access to our bots free of charge! Also, there may be some bonus perks at the conclusion of beta...shhh!

Save time and remove emotion

Save the time it takes to continuously monitor a stock throughout the day, looking for the best entry and exits points, all to let you emotions get the best of you resulting in a bad trade!


Integration with TD Ameritrade

You must have an investment account with TD Ameritrade to use PeakBot. Make sure to open an account so your transition into beta is as smooth and quick as possible!

What NOT to expect


To 'get rich quick'

This is not a get rich quick scheme! However, if used properly, you can expedite the traditional buy & hold methods of building wealth. You pick the stocks, the bots will do the rest!


A finished design

Please understand that we are still testing many functionalities of the front-end user experience.  As we gather feedback, we will implement user interface edits in real time.

Only a few trades

These bots are designed to be active! We'll provide a profile for each bot you have access to, but you can generally expect to be in and out of a stock 1-2 times per week.

Sneak 'peak' - how it works