Earn Weekly Income With 
Automated Trade Execution

PeakBot revolutionizes trading with automated algorithms, optimizing option selling for maximum returns. Automate your portfolio and elevate your trading experience.

The Wheel

(selling weekly contracts)

  • The Wheel option selling strategy sells cash-secured puts & covered calls to consistently collect premiums.
  • Our version of the Wheel sells credit spreads instead of selling naked (see Description below).
  • We've compiled a watchlist to that details the stocks available to automate as well as information on expected premiums.

Iron Condor

(selling 1 DTE contracts)

  • Iron Condor is a 4-leg option selling strategy that sells put and call credit spreads at the same time.
  • Our Iron Condor sells at 1 DTE and opens positions on Tuesdays and Thursday.
  • Our Iron Condor spreads are set at $1 and have an adjusting entry if the stock price moves too far in either direction.

Trend Spread

(Coming Soon)

Coming Soon